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Official Aman Gati Hotel - Aman Gati Hotel Lakey Peak and Balangan Bali
Aman Gati Hotel Lakey
The Best Choice Hotel in Lakey Beach Sumbawa
Aman Gati Hotel Bali
Best Accommodation in Balangan Bali
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Good Sleep, Good Life, Beauty, comforts, Classy

Official Aman Gati Hotel

Aman Gati Hotel Lakey Peak and Balangan Bali

Welcome to Official Site Aman Gati Hotel

Good Sleep, Good Life, Beauty, comforts, Classy

Deep in the lakey bay, where the natives live in harmony with nature. far enough from the crowds because of the peace and relaxation. but close enough for every comfort you will find in Aman Gati hotel.Located directly in front of the renowned Lakey Peak Surf Sport and short walk to Periscopes, Nungas Surf Sport  and echoes the quite serenity that is Sumbawa.


Aman Gati hotel is the best choice in Lakey beach. where you can find personal touch and special skills.which lets you say “this is a real paradise resort”. with a very strategic hotel location, right in front of the Lakey peak. in this area is very unique, produce world class wave & ideal for various water sport. such as surfing, surfing kite. also fishing, diving and snorkeling. or learning to surf.


Aman Gati Hotel Balangan Bali

Aman Gati Hotel Balangan Beach Bali  offers an accommodation with classy concept that is convenient for your family.

Enjoy beautiful evenings with your family or lover along with us at Aman Gati Hotel! The hotel view which is overlooking to the vast ocean gives a wonderful experience for you and your family.

Do you enjoy swim on the beach, enjoy the sunset, Surfing? Here we will make your holiday more enjoyable by exploring the island of Bali.

Don’t miss this opportunity!